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Ayussh is an Indian Filmmaker based in USA. His work experience includes working in the Indian film industry in Mumbai with  ZEE TV, Shekhar Kapur, Kalpana Lajmi and many others on productions of award winning international Feature Films, Television shows, Documentaries and TV Commercials. Working in all areas of Film & video production has given Ayussh invaluable experience in Production and Post Production, Television Network operations and Creative Content Development.

After a professional hiatus and a life changing transition later, Ayussh started his production company named Kofu Films. Kofu comes from the Japanese word Kōsen-rufu, a phrase found in the Japanese translation of the Buddhist scripture Lotus Sutra, and is informally defined as "world peace through individual happiness."

As a Filmmaker Ayussh aspires to create content and make films that contributes towards a positive change in the collective consciousness, and he strongly believes that a great revolution can be achieved by the contents of the cinematic canvas. Through his films Ayussh hopes to create a positive impact on the minds of the viewers much after they have left the theaters, TV and computer screens. 


Special Skills

Digital Film Academy | Film School, New York 
Manhattan Edit Workshop | Editing School, New York 
Producing | Directing | Editing | Color Grading | Digital Cinematography
Adobe Premiere Pro | After Effects | Photoshop | DaVinci Resolve | Avid | FCPX | Logic Pro X